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Your Weight Loss Surgery After Gastric Sleeve

Your Weight Loss Surgery After Gastric Sleeve

Patients who have gone through gastric sleeve, one of the most effective weight interventions around, are very often more concerned with the weight loss process following the operation than the surgery itself: “Am I guaranteed to lose weight?”

Well, it depends on you.

Are You Not Losing Weight?

It is normally extremely rare for patients to not lose weight after the weight loss surgery. A loss of 50-60% is expected in one year after surgery, but not all patients lose this much weight. Some patients plateau earlier than others who report losing less weight at a much slower rate.

What exactly is going on here? Why have some gastric sleeve patients stopped losing weight?

What is the Gastric Sleeve procedure?

The gastric sleeve removes 80% of the stomach to accomplish two goals: For starters, the patient will only be able to eat roughly the half of what they used to in one sitting. Second, the removal of specific sections of the stomach will greatly diminish the production of ghrelin, a hormone that alerts the brain to hunger. So, the gastric sleeve aims to deal primarily with hunger and food consumption making diet the most important factor.

Diet Program After Weight Loss Surgery in Antalya

At CatchLife, patients begin their diet regimen after surgery with liquid foods for the first month and mashed/purée meals for the second month. Solid meals are to be consumed at the beginning of the third month, under the supervision of our nutritionist. The goal here isn’t to help the patient lose weight rapidly, but to retain the stomach volume reached and avoid stomach expansion.

Top Habits for A Successful Weight Loss Surgery

Know that weight loss surgery is not a temporary fix. To achieve the greatest results, patients must commit to a nutritious, low-calorie diet made up of whole foods, as well as an active lifestyle that includes exercise.

  • Choose foods that are high in nutrients. Don’t stuff your stomach with empty calories after surgery because you won’t have much room.
  • Every meal or snack should include protein.
  • Make a food plan and keep a record.
  • Chew well…
  • Work out.
  • Make it work every day.

Your mental preparation is critical. Be confident. Keep your mental health strong. Have a support team composed of friends and family to help you stay grounded and focused on your journey. Remember that weight loss surgery is only a means to an end.

You are the one who will create miracles for yourself through dedication and hard work.

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