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What Happens To Ghrelin After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

What Happens To Ghrelin After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Ghrelin, a hormone stomach produces, is crucial for controlling appetite and food intake. It is sometimes referred as the “appetite hormone” since it promotes food intake and causes hunger. Before meals, ghrelin levels increase, and it decrease after meals, helping the brain to stop the .

In order to create a smaller, tube-shaped stomach, a section of the stomach is removed during gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy. By limiting the amount of food that a person can consume and decreasing their appetite, this operation intends to assist people in losing weight.

What happens to ghrelin following gastric sleeve surgery? Does the procedure have an impact on this hormone’s production? We will check the effect of gastric sleeve surgery on ghrelin levels in this article.

Ghrelin Levels After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

According to studies, ghrelin levels in the body dramatically decrease after gastric sleeve surgery. In fact, research shows that ghrelin levels might fall by up to 70% following the operation. One of the reasons patients experience a drop in hunger and food consumption after the operation is the decrease in ghrelin.

The removal of the section of the stomach that produce ghrelin is assumed to be the cause of the drop in ghrelin levels. The fundus, which is where the majority of ghrelin is produced, is the area of the stomach that is removed during gastric sleeve surgery. The body produces less ghrelin when this area of the stomach is eliminated, which results in reduced appetite and food consumption.

Ghrelin and Weight Loss

Following gastric sleeve surgery, the drop in ghrelin levels might significantly affect weight loss. Patients often report decreased hunger and cravings for food when their ghrelin levels drop, which might make having a healthy diet easier fort he patient. The body’s set point, or the weight range that it typically maintains, may also be reduced as a result of the drop in ghrelin. Patients may lose more weight and maintain it this way.

Long-Term Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery on Ghrelin

While the short-term effects of gastric sleeve surgery have been demonstrated to drastically lower ghrelin levels, further research is still needed to determine the procedure’s long-term impact on this hormone. According to certain research, ghrelin levels may progressively rise after surgery as the body becomes used to the altered size and shape of the stomach. Although additional research is required to completely understand this effect, it is possible for the appetite and food intake to increase in time.

Final Thought

The hormone ghrelin controls appetite and food consumption. Gastric sleeve surgery lowers ghrelin levels, reducing hunger and food consumption. Gastric sleeve surgery helps lose weight as it lowers ghrelin production. Gastric sleeve surgery may significantly effect ghrelin levels, but additional research is still needed to determine the long-term affects.

In conclusion, gastric sleeve surgery can effect ghrelin levels and thus appetite. A doctor can help you decide if this surgery is good for you and how to maximize weight loss.

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