Tummy Tuck Operation and Weight Loss Surgery – What are the Difference?

Tummy Tuck Operation and Weight Loss Surgery – What are the Difference?

Tummy Tuck operation is an operation performed to tighten the abdominal region in individuals who have a normal body weight but have problems with lubrication and sagging in the belly area.

Weight Loss Surgery; These are operations that aim to reduce the volume of internal organs of the digestive system such as stomach and small intestine with different surgical techniques such as gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, gastric bypass.

While Tummy Tuck operation eliminates regional tightening and lubrication problems in individuals with normal weight, weight loss surgey is performed to treat health problems such as obesity and morbid obesity.

How is Tummy Tuck Operation Performed?

If an individual cannot eliminate the problem of fat and excess skin (Sagging) in the abdomen by exercising and dieting, he can achieve the desired abdominal appearance in a few weeks with Tummy Tuck operation.

For this, the individual is first given general anesthesia and very small incisions are made on the abdomen. Micro cannulas are placed through these incisions and the fat in the region is taken out of the body.

After the fat removal process is completed, the excess skin in the abdomen is removed and the belly button is reshaped.

The area of ​​the surgical incision is adjusted to remain inside the underwear. After the excess skin is removed, this area is closed with aesthetic minimal sutures and the procedure is terminated.

If the person requests, abdominal muscle aesthetics can also be performed during this application. For this, the adipose tissue taken from the individual at the beginning of the operation is subjected to a special separation process and turned into a natural filling material and added to the appropriate places to give the convex appearance of the abdominal muscles to the abdominal region.

Weight Loss Surgery

Considering the body mass index values, weight loss surgery treatments can be applied to individuals who are morbidly obese or obese. These transactions

Which treatment is most suitable for the individual is planned by the doctor according to the findings obtained after the health screening.

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve operation is the process of removing 80% of the stomach with the laparoscopy technique. The stomach is made to have an equal diameter with the esophagus. In this way, with a very small amount of food consumption, satiety signals are sent to the brain and the person’s appetite is seriously reduced.

Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon technique has surgical and non-surgical types. A tissue-friendly balloon is placed in the stomach with the help of a camera from the mouth area, without making any incision, by giving general anesthesia to the person who has surgery.

Then the balloon is filled with saline and covers a significant part of the stomach. In this way, since the stomach feels full, when a small amount of food is consumed, satiety signals are sent to the brain of the person and his appetite is seriously closed. Up to 1 year or after reaching the target weight, the balloon is removed from the stomach with the same method.

In the non-surgical version, a swallowable gastric balloon is used. A small pill-sized balloon with a long string at the end is swallowed and followed up with radiological examinations. The inside of the balloon that reaches the stomach is filled with saline water and the rope hanging from the outside of the mouth is pulled out slowly. The thread tightly closes the mouth of the balloon as it is pulled.

Within 4 – 6 months, the balloon is expelled from the body spontaneously, without the need for any procedure. The individual does not feel anything during the expulsion of the balloon from the body.

Gastric Bypass

In the gastric bypass technique, the target is to reduce the fat and carbohydrate absorption that occurs naturally in the small intestines of the individual. To reduce this amount, the individual is given general anesthesia and the stomach is reduced as in gastric sleeve operation. In addition, the part of the small intestines close to the stomach, 130 – 150 cm, is bypassed. Food passes directly from the stomach to the part of the small intestine that is close to the large intestine. In this way, very little absorption takes place.

Since this treatment requires a lot of attention, it is preferred more in individuals with morbid obesity problems.

Tummy Tuck Treatment and Weight Loss Surgery Treatment Turkey

Tummy Tuck treatment and weight loss surgery treatments are the procedures performed in our clinic. You can contact us about both applications at any time via our contact information in the Contact Us section of our website.

After determining your operation appointment date, the hotel reservation is arranged for you to be in one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. When you arrive at the airport, an attendant will pick you up with a VIP vehicle and help you reach your hotel with your belongings.

After resting at your hotel for 1 day, you will meet with your general surgeon at your appointment time the next day. Your doctor will make the necessary explanations about the procedures to be done. Afterwards, necessary examinations are made and it will investigate whether your health status is suitable for the operation.

Your operation date is set and you will have your operation in one of the most prestigious hospitals in Turkey.

Treatment Prices

The whole process is completely tailored for you. Many factors such as the type of operation, hospitalization process, medications, accommodation are effective on the price of the procedure. Therefore, you can contact us immediately to learn the price information.

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