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Revision Bariatric Surgery

Revision Bariatric Surgery

Unfortunately, some people find that bariatric surgery isn’t the right choice for them. And while there are multiple reasons why someone might choose to have revision surgery, the most common reason is that they aren’t losing weight fast enough or at all. Many patients begin to lose weight after the first few months following surgery, but this time frame can vary from person to person and may depend on their individual situation and health history. But if you’re not losing weight as quickly as you would like (or not at all), then revision surgery might be an option worth exploring.

What is Revision Bariatric Surgery?

The term revision surgery typically refers to a surgical procedure that has been performed on an individual who has undergone an operation in the past. The idea of revision surgery is often applied in the context of bariatric surgery, which is a type of weight-loss surgery. Bariatric surgery revision operations are sometimes necessary for people who have experienced complications with their previous surgeries, or for those who still struggle with obesity after having undergone such a procedure.

Reasons for Undergoing a Revision Operation

Depending on the type of surgery, a revision operation may be necessary. This is usually because the weight loss was not as successful as desired. Some common reasons for undergoing a revision operation are that the patient did not lose enough weight, their health worsened post-surgery, or they had significant complications. A revision operation is typically more difficult than a regular surgery and carries more risks. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before proceeding with one.

Why You May Need The Revision Surgery?

First of all, not every individual needs revision surgery after bariatric surgery. Some of the situations where it is needed are:

  • Stomach Sac Enlarges To Prevent Weight Loss Or Cause Weight Gain
  • The Stomach Sac Is Not Small Enough
  • Absorption Of Calories From Food More Than Expected In The Intestines
  • The Opening Between The Stomach Sac And The Stomach Is More Than Necessary
  • Suspecting A Leak In The Stomach (Indicated By Symptoms Such As Abdominal Or Back Pain, Fever, Rapid Heartbeat)
  • The Individual Does Not Change His Eating Habits And Continues To Eat In A Way That Will Expand The Stomach.

Who Are The Good Candidates?

Individuals are evaluated before the revision operation, just as they are evaluated for whether they have appropriate health conditions for surgery before bariatric surgery. For this, methods such as blood analysis, urinalysis and radiological tests can be used.

In addition, it is very important for individuals to understand the seriousness of these operations and to be sensitive enough about the responsibility they must take. The possible candidates for revision surgery after bariatric surgery;

  • Inability Of The Individual To Lose Enough Weight In The First Operation
  • Individuals Who Experience Weight Loss Stop Losing Weight For A Long Time
  • Occurrence Of Some Post-Operative Complications Such As Ulcers, Scar Tissue, And Excessive Nutrient Absorption.
  • Losing Less Than 50% Of The Target Weight

The Recovery Process

Before surgery, patients are often instructed to stop taking pain medications as they may interfere with anesthesia. However, this means that post-surgery patients will experience more discomfort than expected. Pain medications should be resumed within 24 hours of surgery, but even if they are not, the discomfort should subside significantly after the first day.

Patients can expect their intestines to be sore for about a week following bariatric surgery because of the stretching and tugging that occurs when the surgery is performed. During this time, it is important to avoid heavy lifting or straining and drink plenty of fluids.

Drinking alcohol or smoking increases the risk of complications from bariatric surgery. The length of time alcohol has an effect on health depends on how much you drink, what kind you drink, how quickly you drink it and your body weight.

Revision Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

Individuals who need revision after bariatric surgery can come to Turkey for treatment. In addition, individuals who cannot lose weight after bariatric surgery and whose weight stops can also choose our clinic in Turkey for control purposes.

The procedures of individuals who prefer Turkey for the treatment process start with making an appointment. First, a room is booked from one of the most luxurious hotels in the city by the clinic staff. When the individual arrives at the airport, a private driver greets him so that he can reach the hotel comfortably with his belongings. After a day’s rest at the hotel, we recommend that they come earlier if possible and rest in order to feel comfortable. They come to the clinic and meet their doctor.

Your general surgeon performs your operation in one of the most prestigious hospitals in our country. After the operation, the hospital stay is continued in the same place. When your condition stabilizes, your doctor will discharge you and tell you what you need to know about what to watch out for after that.

For more detailed information, you can use our contact information by clicking on the Contact Us page of our website.

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