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Psychological Aspects of Bariatric Surgery

Psychological Aspects of Bariatric Surgery

Obesity is linked to a higher prevalence of psychopathological problems, which can have a detrimental influence on quality of life. Bariatric surgery, particularly gastric sleeve surgery is a favoured technique in the treatment of morbidly obese patients to achieve significant weight reduction and reduce physical comorbidities.

Psychology and bariatric surgery are inextricably linked but its effects on psychological health is yet to be unfolded.

What is the relationship between obesity and psychology?

Obesity and bariatric surgery are directly tied to an individual’s psychological and social being. This is due to the fact that obesity has a negative impact on the quality of all aspects of life.

According to research, obese people have a higher prevalence of psychological and social issues such as physical dissatisfaction, higher rates of melancholy or depression, anxiety disorder, social phobia, occult eating disorder, night food syndrome, and cigarette-alcohol addiction.

Psychological Changes Brought By Bariatric Surgery

Patients are frequently understandably thrilled and hopeful about the beneficial improvements that bariatric surgery is to bring about, and may discount the possibility of setbacks. However, underestimating the possibility of future issues exposes patients to surprises and dissatisfaction if/when problems do develop.

Quick weight loss results in rapid changes in one’s body and brain chemistry. These factors can produce significant changes in personality and mood. Positive Changes include an increase in Confidence, a much better self-image, and a feeling of overall physical well-being.

There could also be negative changes like Mood Swings. A limited diet and low carbohydrate intake would lead to lower levels of serotonin. A lack of serotonin can cause mood swings. If you have a history of depression, you are more likely to suffer post-bariatric depressive symptoms. Remember, it’s very normal to see these changes! You are not alone, and there are resources to assist you along the way.

Psychological Evaluation for Success in Bariatric Surgery

Psychological disorders do not prevent the application of obesity surgery. But one has to be qualified to follow a thorough post-surgical diet and lifestyle recommendations.

In terms of the success of the surgery, the capacity to adapt to psychological conditions and post-surgical behaviour changes must be assessed for each patient before the surgery. Again, the patient’s expectations of the operation have to be determined. The patient and the doctor should determine reasonable goals before surgery together.

Post-surgical quality of life and psychological state is as significant as the efficiency of weight loss. Although the influence of psychological issues on post-operative weight yield has not been firmly proven, a pre-operative psychological assessment is essential.

In summary, prior to bariatric surgery, psychological and social evaluation is crucial in ensuring the success and permanence of surgery.

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