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If You Are Diagnosed With Reflux, Can You Have Gastric Balloon Surgery?

If You Are Diagnosed With Reflux, Can You Have Gastric Balloon Surgery?

If you’re trying to lose weight, but would like to avoid the risks associated with restrictive diets or major lifestyle changes, you may consider gastric balloon as an alternative to traditional weight loss strategies. A common type of bariatric surgery that reduces the size of the stomach using an inflatable balloon, gastric balloon allows you to eat less while still achieving your desired weight loss goals.

However, if your doctor has diagnosed you with reflux, gastric balloon may cause an increase in your stomach problems. So, are you helpless in the face of this situation? Of course, no! The best way for people who has reflux problem to get rid of the obesity problem is gastric bypass operation. Read on to learn about gastric bypass! You will see why it is suitable for you and how it is going to help you to lose weight permanently!

What is Gastric Bypass?

For the millions of people all over the world who are struggling to lose weight and keep it off, gastric bypass surgery may be the answer they’ve been looking for. This procedure has helped hundreds of thousands of people shed pounds and inches from their waistlines.

Gastric bypass surgery, is a procedure that leads weight loss by dividing the stomach into a small upper pouch and a much larger lower remnant pouch. Surgery also reroutes the small intestine so that most of the food flows to the lower part of the intestines where nutrients are absorbed. The stomach is connected to the small intestine with just a narrow tube so there’s less food in it to trigger hunger pangs.

What is the Gastric Bypass Surgery Process?

The application is usually performed with the laparoscopy technique. Since general anesthesia is given, the individual does not feel any pain during the operation. A small incision is made in the abdomen and a device with a camera is inserted from there. By following the monitor, a part of the stomach and the initial part of the small intestine are bypassed. In this way, the stomach volume gains a new volume of 30 – 50 cc.

There is not much nutrient absorption in the small intestines and direct nutrients are evaluated as waste by the body. In this way, less food is consumed and the body does not absorb too much nutrients to store it.

Who Can Benefit From This Procedure?

Gastric bypass surgery is a weight loss procedure that can be an effective option for people who are obese or morbidly obese. It is a surgical procedure where the stomach is reduced to 20% of its original size, which makes it much harder to eat large quantities at one time. The small intestine is also cut in half, which slows down food digestion. Who can benefit from gastric bypass;

  • Those With A Body Mass Index Of 40 Or More
  • Those With A Body Mass Index Between 35 And 40 And At Risk For An Obesity-Related Disease
  • Reflux Patients Or Those With Weight-Related Reflux
  • Those Who Have Problems Such As Cholesterol, Hypertension And Infertility Due To Excess Weight
  • Those Who Fail To Lose Weight With Exercise And Diet Changes
  • Individuals Who Can Fully Implement What Their Doctor Says After Surgery
  • Those Without Alcohol Or Drug Addiction

What are the risks of Gastric Bypass Surgery?

There is no risk associated with the surgery. The risks that you may face are post-operative risk, such as an ulcer or hernia, which can be avoided with proper care. However, some people also have complications from medication like blood thinners and diabetes medications. Patients need to listen to their doctors about any potential issues that could arise after surgery in order to take the necessary precautions for a safe recovery process.

Apart from this, one of the goals of the operation is to reduce the absorption in the small intestines. Both consuming less food and reduced absorption can cause lower blood values. To prevent this, a diet plan should be created with the help of a good nutritionist. Blood tests should be performed at regular intervals and blood values should be checked to see if they are normal. Due to such situations that need attention, high awareness is required for gastric bypass operation. The individual should follow the doctor’s recommendations carefully.

Gastric Bypass in Turkey

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