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Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Advantages & Disadvantages

Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Advantages & Disadvantages

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most frequently used methods in the treatment of obesity problem. It is important to examine each bariatric surgery application in terms of advantages and disadvantages. In this way, if your health condition is suitable for all operations, you and your doctor can make a better choice for yourself.

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery provides a permanent solution support for the obesity problem. First of all, individuals should know that there is no such thing as losing weight by eating too much in any obesity surgery technique. These operations are carried out only with the aim of reducing the amount of meals eaten by the individual and helping the individual gain healthy eating habits by reducing their weight. For this reason, it is not right to expect a miraculous weight loss process related to any surgery.

In gastric sleeve operation, the stomach volume is reduced by 80%. In this way, when the individual eats a small amount of food, his stomach fills up quickly and he has difficulty consuming even if he wants more. Of course, since the stomach volume will reach a normal level after a while, it should not be thought that this will be a permanent condition.

One of the advantages of surgery is that there is no foreign body in the body. In addition, since it is performed with the laparoscopy method, there is less risk of infection compared to other operations.

No internal organs are harmed. Absorption in the intestines is not interfered with. The body maintains its normal and natural diet.

The individual does not need to undergo an operation again. There is no object that needs to be removed from the body. The stomach itself gains a normal size over time.

There is a decrease in the person’s appetite. The reason for this is hidden in the special structure of the stomach. When the stomach is filled with food up to the fungus section, which is the upper part of the stomach, it sends a satiety signal to the brain regardless of its size. Since the stomach volume is small in gastric sleeve surgery, the nutrients reach the fungus section faster and the person feels full immediately.

Compared to gastric bypass surgery, it takes a shorter time and a single organ is targeted. For this reason, the post-operative care process is also more comfortable and takes a short time.

If the operation does not give the desired result, other operations can be performed. Gastric sleeve operation does not constitute an obstacle for another bariatric surgery procedure.

Disadvantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

When we look at the disadvantages of gastric sleeve surgery, it is seen that these situations are related to whether the individual pays attention to himself after the operation. For this reason, only people who do not take care of their health can experience the disadvantages we have mentioned about surgery. This shows how important it is for the person to have the necessary awareness about the surgery before undergoing the operation.

Stomach capacity is very low. For this reason, the amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates required for the body should be adjusted very well. In this regard, help from a nutritionist should be sought and the person should be very careful about food preferences.

If sugary foods, carbonated drinks, and foods containing very high calories continue to be consumed after the surgery, the amount of weight loss will be very low at first; however, it will not be possible to lose weight in the future. Food selection and following the confirmed diet list by your dietician is very important.

If the individual continues to consume more than necessary despite feeling full, the stomach gains a normal volume after a while and expands more than necessary in the future. This can cause the person to experience the obesity problem again.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risky?

There are some risks in every surgery. However, the possibility of post-operative complications is very rare and necessary precautions are taken strictly. Before the operation, a health screening of the individual is made and it is checked whether he has a health structure suitable for the surgery.

During and after the operation, the person is closely followed up in the hospital. For this reason, it is a reliable operation with minimized risk factors when performed under the control of a good doctor and team.

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