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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: Process, Price, FAQs

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: Process, Price, FAQs

Gastric sleeve operation is performed by Turkey’s most prestigious and experienced general surgeons. In addition to the application, luxury hotel reservations, airport pick-ups with VIP vehicles, medications and many other services are planned in advance on your behalf.

There are also advantages such as the fact that the prices are very budget-friendly compared to many countries and the opportunity to have a Mediterranean holiday in the post-operative period.

How is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed in Turkey?

Gastric sleeve surgery, which basically aims to reduce the amount of the stomach and to reach the feeling of saturation with very little food, is performed under general anesthesia.

A few small incisions of 0.5 cm are made in the anterior part of the abdomen. From here, up to 80% of the stomach is removed and the stomach is sutured again.

Since the laparoscopic surgical technique is applied during the procedure, the risk of infection is minimized.

What are the Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

  • Since The Stomach Has A Small Volume, A Feeling Of Fullness Occurs When It Is Fed Very Little.
  • There Is A Decrease In The Desire To Eat.
  • It Does Not Require A Long Stay In The Hospital.
  • It Does Not Cause Absorption Disorder. There Is Less Risk Of Deficiencies In Minerals And Vitamins.
  • No Foreign Object Is Placed In The Body.
  • There Is No Risk Of Obstruction Or Bleeding In The Intestines.

What Should Be Considered After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Since the incisions are small, the pain will be tolerable. The situation is brought under control with the use of painkillers.

It is normal to have bruises, redness, edema and swelling in the operation area and will disappear spontaneously within a few days.

In the first two weeks, a liquid diet which will be provided by the dietician should be followed.

It is recommended to seek help from a dietitian.

The first days should be rested. Your doctor will indicate the best time to visit. You should not tire yourself too much during excursions.

It is expected that the person will lose up to 20 kg for the first month. You can lose up to 80% of your weight within 1 year.

After the feeling of satiety appears in the following months, you should not force the stomach. Since the stomach is an organ that can expand, you can go back to its original state and gain weight again. Therefore, you should make your food choices in the form of balanced meals.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risky?

Gastric Sleeve surgery carries as many risks as any operation. The procedure is performed by a general surgeon, under operating room conditions, under general anesthesia. The success rate in losing weight is a serious rate of 60%.

It is recommended that the individual be careful about food selection and acquire the right eating habits in the presence of a dietitian. In this way, the chance of success in losing weight will increase even more.

What is the Weight Limit of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

An individual must have a body mass index (BMI) of at least 34 in order to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. In individuals at risk of serious health problems due to obesity, this value can be reduced to 34 – 30.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price

Gastric sleeve surgery is a process that is specially planned for the person and the total price may vary depending on the additional services you want to receive. For this reason, you can contact us and ask your questions about the surgery, including price information. All of our contact information is available in the Contact Us section.

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