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Effects Of Gastric Sleeve On Pregnancy

Effects Of Gastric Sleeve On Pregnancy

Pregnancy after weight loss surgery (primarily gastric sleeve surgery as the most common option) is increasing in popularity as the use of such procedures by women of childbearing age increases. Such procedures limit the amount of food you can eat and lead to hormonal changes that aid in weight loss.  So, patients wonder about the possible effects of such surgeries on pregnancy and babies. 

Are there any risks?

You need to consult your health care provider to get help with planning before giving birth if you have had gastric sleeve surgery and are considering pregnancy. In order to mitigate any complications, medical experts and most authorities generally recommend postponing pregnancy until the weight is stabilized and this waiting period takes at least 12 to 18 months following surgery while some experts recommend waiting even longer. So, we can say that post-gastric pregnancy is safe and healthy as long as you and your doctor manage the process correctly and take precautions to protect both your health and the health of your baby.

Can I get pregnant after a gastric sleeve?

In fact, lack of ovulation is extremely common in morbidly obese women. After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, you can find yourself even more fertile than before. Women suffering from obesity-related fertility issues who have had weight loss surgery may begin ovulating regularly for the first time in years. So, it is safe to say that you would face no surgery-related problems when it comes to getting pregnant.

Is the baby going to be healthy?

No worries there. After gastric sleeve surgery, there is much less risk of experiencing problems during pregnancy and during childbirth. There are also fewer records of miscarriages and stillbirths when compared to obese women with no history of gastric surgery or weight loss.

But it is important that you get enough nutrients during pregnancy as such deficiencies can cause problems ranging from anemia in ‘mothers-to-be’ to preterm births. Regular blood tests to monitor your nutrient levels can be performed by your physician before, at the start of, and throughout your pregnancy.

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