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Achieving Lasting Weight Loss with Gastric Sleeve After Gastric Plication

Achieving Lasting Weight Loss with Gastric Sleeve After Gastric Plication

Achieving Lasting Weight Loss with Gastric Sleeve After Gastric Plication – Is it Possible?

Gastric sleeve surgery and gastric plication both result in weight loss that can last, but the gastric sleeve results in more weight loss than gastric plication. The purpose of gastric sleeve surgery, however, isn’t just to lose weight; it’s also to achieve remission from type 2 diabetes and other obesity-related conditions. If you’re considering gastric sleeve surgery after gastric plication or other bariatric surgeries, consult with your surgeon first to find out which is best for you and your situation.

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What is Gastric Plication?

Gastric plication operation is generally preferred over gastric sleeve considering the risk of leakage. Another reason for preference is its lower cost.

However, when the success rate is considered, it is seen that it does not give as good results as the gastric sleeve. For this reason, after having the operation, individuals may regret and wonder whether the operation can be converted into a gastric sleeve operation.

Should Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass Be Performed After Gastric Plication?

In the gastric folding operation, the general surgeon folds a certain part of the stomach and fixes it with stitches, thus reducing the stomach volume. This operation is reversible. After the first operation, the process can be reversed or converted to operations such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass within 15 days. This means that after a certain period of time after the operation, if the person cannot lose weight or if the stitches have opened, another bariatric surgery technique can be tried.

So, which one is more suitable for you to performed? When evaluated in terms of risks, gastric sleeve operation is an operation with less risk. However, when necessary, surgeons may consider gastric bypass operation more appropriate, especially for individuals who are classified as ‘morbidly obese‘. At this point, the health conditions of the individual are taken into account while the evaluation is made, and the doctor decides which operation will be the right choice for the person.

Gastric Sleeve Operation

In Gastric Sleeve operation, a certain part of the stomach of the individual is cut and removed and the stomach is sutured again. Using special tools produced for this purpose, each side of the stomach is stapled in such a way that there is no hole left.

The last remaining diameter of the stomach is equal to the small intestine and esophagus. The entire digestive system is shaped like a single tube. Reducing the diameter of the stomach to the level of other organs means reducing the volume of the stomach without disturbing digestion.

Gastric Bypass Operation

In the gastric bypass operation, both the volume of the stomach is reduced and the part of the small intestine where nutrient absorption is performed is bypassed. For this, a certain part of the stomach is cut and reduced, and a certain part is disabled so that the stomach contents go directly to the end of the small intestine.

Foods are considered as ‘waste material’ by the body because nutrient absorption cannot be performed adequately. For this reason, they are sent to the large intestine too soon.

Thanks to this operation, the person consumes less food as the stomach volume is small, and the body does not allow all of the consumed food to be stored.

However, there is a situation in which individuals who undergo this operation should be very careful. It is also that the absorption in the small intestines is very low. Since absorption is low, vitamin and mineral values ​​should be checked frequently. Otherwise, vitamin or mineral deficiency and various health problems related to them can be seen. It is very important to have regular blood tests and to choose and consume foods according to them.

Achieving Lasting Weight Loss in Turkey

After having a Gastric Plication operation, if you think your procedure is not working, you can have the operation reversed and have a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass operation.

For this, you can get help from general surgeons working in our clinic in Turkey.

The operations are performed by our general surgeons in the operating room environment of Turkey’s most famous, most prestigious and equipped hospitals. Before the procedure, your doctor will perform some tests on you in order to evaluate your health conditions for which operation is suitable. By evaluating the results of these tests, what you need is determined and your treatment is planned accordingly.

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